EDMHUB launches website; Aiming to be the “Hub” for everything Electronic Dance Music

by EDMHUB - 1 week ago
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Photo via EDMHUB

Welcome to new and improved EDMHUB.com!

What is EDMHUB.com?

EDMHUB.com is the first platform of its kind. It’s specifically dedicated to the Electronic Dance Music genre. We compile up-to-the-minute content from the best websites in the world to provide you the “Hub” from EDM.

How does this work?

Our customized algorithm scans the web for all the latest dance music news and music from all of the top sources. After finding the best contest out there, we provide our viewers with a snippet of the story from the original source so that they can see what the article contains. From there, the user can click the “Read More” button to read the full article.

What is our goal?

Our mission is to expose fans of all music to the world of dance music, by introducing fans to the best EDM content from across the globe. Our main goal is to give credit where credit is due. Every single article that is used on the website is attributed to the source and provides the user with a preview of the article, which complies with the Fair Use law.

How do we classify ourselves?

We are a “Specialty Aggregator”, which is a website that collects information from a number of sources on a particular topic or location. In our case, this would be Electronic Dance Music. As a Specialty Aggregator, our posts will display the headline of a story, the first few lines of copy (with a link to the rest of the story), and the name of the website on which the story originally appeared.